Why am I here? What am I doing? Where am I going? Questions even the most disciplined and self-aware people sometimes struggle with finding the answers to. Those questions aren’t foreign to the works of Tim James, an artist delivering soulful vocals wrapped around transparent lyrics. He’s as much a rapper as he is a singer; a courier who distributes the message by any means. As soon as you hear him it’s clear Tim is an idealist who finds himself on a pilgrimage and with him sharing every thought, feeling, emotion, challenge, and endeavor they somehow become your own and you can see, feel, and sense everything he’s talking about.

A man of Faith, his work engages in the struggles of Love and loving as an imperfect person in a fallen world. As he journeys to know Christ and make Him known his art becomes a personal journal that he willingly gives listeners access to. Like many artists, whatever is on his heart is on his mind and whatever is on his mind will find itself present in his music. For that reason, Tim labels himself as being HeartHeaded. His work has garnered the attention of a number of publications and has been described as Independent Hip-Hop done the right way.

We are all on a journey. At any point on that journey we may find ourselves face to face with questions that so easily become consuming; Why am I here? What am I doing? Where am I going? Let’s stick around with Tim James and let the music provide a soundtrack as we all seek to find the answers.


Never Say Never
Hold It Down




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